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CBS_falls_for_Storm_the_Castle__Fort_Boyard - CBS falls for 'Storm the Castle' You and I...
CBS falls for 'Storm the Castle' You and I aren't TV professionals. professionals. We don't understand the nuances nuances of human tastes and artistic appeal. So let's listen to an expert. "Basically," Vin DiBona explains, explains, "we love so see people fall in the mud." Hey, he's looked into these things internationally. DiBona is producer of "America's "America's Funniest Home Videos." Based on a Japanese concept, it proves that all civilized lands like to see pants fall down at weddings. Now he goes further. "Storm the Castle," at 8 tonight on CBS, is the latest attempt to build an action action game show. "Basically, we built a giant Nintendo Nintendo game," DiBona says. "It's designed so ordinary people can do it and sometimes fall down . . . That's what the premise is to watch people fall down." Action games have scored well in other countries, but failed in the United States, with three exceptions: exceptions: "American Gladiators," a syndicated syndicated show that's sleek and serious serious enough to satisfy sports buffs. "Double Dare," the goofy game that's made a fortune for cable's Nickelodeon. Celebrity battles like "Star Kids Challenge," which is running this month in syndication. "Challenge" has kid stars playing playing everything from videogames to dodgeball. Jenna Von Oy ("Blossom") ("Blossom") says her favorite moment came at the end of a relay involving involving huge jigsaw pieces. "They made this humongous puzzle," says Von Oy, who is non-humongous. non-humongous. non-humongous. "It was a lot harder to put together than you would imagine, imagine, even though there were only eight pieces." Can this sort of action show be turned into a series. Earlier this year, Di Bona went the "Gladiators" route, with a pilot called "Conquer Fort Boyard." Now "Storm the Castle" expands MIKE HUGHES On TV the "Double Dare" style. Di Bona says he spent a million dollars, re-creating re-creating re-creating the sets from a Japanese show. Then he unleashed 10 U.S. families. Many approached it with macho zeal. One set (built to Japanese Japanese specifications) specifications) had to be modified, because because the first U.S. man to try it ripped out all the doors. The muscles didn'thelp, though. The surprise surprise hero was a slight 15-year-old 15-year-old 15-year-old 15-year-old 15-year-old named Toni. "She approached approached it with some strategy," Di Bona says. "Some of the people just panicked, I think." Like "Fort Boyard," this game is tough to care about. Its rules and scoring are almost imperceptible. Still, people do fall down a lot. That's a start. SIDE NOTE: There's a double surprise, at 9 tonight: The USA Network movie isn't bad. "American Playhouse" is. USA often has dull-witted dull-witted dull-witted semi-thrillers. semi-thrillers. semi-thrillers. This time, "Black Ice" puts Michael Nouri and Joanna Joanna Pacula into a solid (if bewildering) bewildering) adventure, with strong filming and a great music score. "Playhouse" usually gives PBS brilliant filmmaking. This one is a well-meaning well-meaning well-meaning miss. Set among migrant workers in 1939, "La Carpa" is immensely muted. There are only so many pregnant pauses you can stuff into an hour. NOTE II: At 10 tonight, "48 Hours" plans a shortened rerun of "Perfect Specimen." Seeing the show What: 'Storm the Castle,' a new action game show WhenWhere: 8 tonight on CBS (Channel 2) That's the one in which California California plastic surgeon Dr. George Semal was shown at work not on a starlet, but on a Marine officer. "He's a regular guy," Semal says. "Guys like that have always done this . . . Now they're also willing to talk about it." They're also talking career, he says. "I have a lady attorney say ing, 'I can't walk into the courtroom courtroom not looking my best.' " Semal's own definition? "If the person you see in the mirror is not who you expect, you might want to do something." Mike Hughes writes about TV for the Lansing (Mich.) State Journal and Gannett News Service. Service. WMHILWOVIfi1tmtfftUlSniMKRaM' CJUI407tM3 tOOO GEE? . 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  2. 16 Jun 1993, Wed,
  3. Page 35

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